Background Checks Q & A

This document contains answers to many common questions about background checks and registering as an adult with OYSA. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact OYSA’s Risk Management Coordinator at

Who needs a background check?

OYSA Policy 801-1, Section 1.C. states that,


"No adult may actively participate in the activities of the Association or any of

its member clubs until that person has registered with the Association as an

Administrator and has a risk status of Approved."

Any person age of 16 or over who fills any of the following roles for OYSA or for an OYSA

member club is covered by this policy:


        1.     Board members

        2.     Employees

        3.     Coaches

        4.     Assistant coaches

        5.     Team Managers

        6.     Trainers

        7.     Other adult Volunteers

        8.     Referees who officiate an OYSA sponsored match (effective 7/1/2010) or an OYSA sanctioned match (effective 7/1/2011)

How do I register with the Association?

Registration is done online through OYSA’s online registration software. For most clubs an adult will register using the club’s link to OYSA’s online software. In some cases a person must first register with the club. Clubs that register adults using their own online software will then transfer the registration information into OYSA’s software. The best way to register is to first contact the club registrar to let him or her know that you are planning to register. The registrar will be able to tell you what you need to do to register. Every club has its own link into OYSA's database. Most clubs include a link to their OYSA registration page on the club website.

I cannot find a coach registration link on my club’s website. Is there another place where I can find the correct page to register as a coach or other volunteer for my club?

If you have not been able to locate the club’s link through the club website, or your club does not have a website, you can go directly to your club’s registration page. Click here to see a list of links to the OYSA registration page for every OYSA member club.

[NOTE: Be sure to notify the club registrar directly that you are submitting an application. The club may require additional registration information.]

How is registration linked to running a background check?

When an adult applies as a coach or other administrator the registration server automatically sends identifying information to the background checking company’s server. The background check company electronically compares the name and date of birth to the records in 57 databases that cover all 50 states and the District of Columbia, then returns results to the registration server. The results of the electronic search are generally available within approximately 30 seconds.

If no matches are found, the risk status is set to Approved. When a potential match is found, the risk status is set to Under Review.

What information do I need to register?

If you are registering for the first time, you will be required to provide:

        1.     Your legal name (please do not use your nickname as the name you enter will be used for your background check)

        2.     Your date of birth

        3.     Your mailing address

        4.     At least one phone number

        5.     A valid email address

        6.     Your drivers license number and expiration date

        7.     The level of play to which your application applies (which you select is only important if you are applying for a coaching position)

        8.     The position for which you wish to be considered (the selection is only important if you are applying for a coaching position)

        9.     Answers to criminal history disclosure questions

        10.   A user name and password

You will also be required to review and accept electronic legal agreements regarding background checks that include specific permission to OYSA to run a background check using your registration information.

I registered last year. Do I need to enter all of that information again?

No. You begin a new application by selecting registration from your club’s OYSA registration page, then entering your username and password. All of your account information will be brought into the new application. You only need to confirm the accuracy of that information or update it in order to apply. You will still be required to review and accept the electronic legal agreements for each application that you submit.

The disclosure questions say that I should email the RMC if I answered yes to any questions. Why should I do that?

Sending an email to the RMC allows you to explain any convictions that may be on your record. You are not required to provide an explanation, but your explanation will help the RMC in determining whether a particular conviction should cause you to be disqualified.

I sent an explanation last year and I was allowed to coach. Do I need to email another explanation this year?

No, as long as you apply using the same account (username and password) as last year. All of the information you submit stays with your account, including risk management decisions. When you use the same account to apply, the RMC will see the previously submitted information and the result will be the same unless something has changed in the background report.

I had a background check last year, but I have forgotten my username and/or password. Can I recover my password?

Yes, you can. Just click on the forgot password link on your club’s Affinity page, on the OYSA page for Affinity, or when you have started a coaching application. Once you enter some identifying information, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to set a new password and or username for your account. The link is sent to the email address registered to your account, so you must have an email address. If you do not have an email address, or have any problems, please call the OYSA office for assistance.

I am not sure whether I have an account in the system. Is there a way for me to find out?

If you have a child who has been registered to play for an OYSA member club at any time since the fall of 2008, you very likely have an account. Try clicking on the Forgot Password link to either retrieve or enter a new user name and password. If you did not register an email address or the system is unable to locate an account for you, call the OYSA office. We can verify whether you have an account. If you do have an account we will be able to assist you in completing your application and background check.

I completed my registration, and now the registration status shows “Pending.” Does that mean there is a problem with the background check?

No. The Pending status means that the club registrar has not assigned you to a team. When you are assigned to a team, the status will show as Assigned. When the team is activated—a registration step that allows member cards to be printed—the status will show as “Activated.”

Can I see the results of my background check?

No. The risk status in your account is only visible to a club official with proper security clearance or to an Association staff user. The detailed background report is only available to OYSA’s Risk Management Coordinator (RMC), and only the RMC can change a person’s risk status.

I have been told that my risk status is “Under Review.” Will I still be able to coach for my club this year?

Maybe. A risk status of Under Review means the electronic comparison of your registered name and date of birth to the criminal record databases used for OYSA’s background checks located a potential match. When that happens an employee of Criminal Information Services, Inc. (CRIS) reviews the possible database matches and prepares a report that is sent to the OYSA Risk Management Coordinator.

When the RMC receives the report, the RMC will manually set the risk status. If the report shows no actual criminal record, the risk status will be Approved. If the report shows a criminal record, the RMC will review the record and decide whether you will be approved despite the record. After a review, your risk status will either be Approved or Failed. In some cases you may be asked to provide additional information to the RMC to explain a record that has been found.

Are there guidelines about what convictions make a person ineligible to be a coach or other administrator?

Yes there are. OYSA has adopted a Criminal Conviction Matrix that gives general guidance about the types of convictions that make a person ineligible and for how long. Click here to see a copy of the current conviction matrix. In general, the more serious the crime for which a person has been convicted, the longer period of time a person will be considered ineligible.

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