Parents Preventing Child Abuse

Prepared by Oregon Youth Soccer

March 14, 2005

  • Fifty percent of girls and 25% of boys will experience some sort of abuse by age 18
  • Sex offenders average 77 victims
  • Parents are key resources in preventing child abuse
  • Stay alert
  • Watch your child at games and practices
  • Trust your intuition and gut feelings
  • Listen to and believe your child
  • Stay alert
  • Watch for changes in your child's behavior or appearance
  • Require your club to have a two adult rule so that adults/coaches are never alone with a child (Including when you are alone with another parent’s child)
  • Question people who are around children if they don’t appear to belong - Ask them their name and who they are there to see
  • Talk with other parents about child abuse
  • Stay alert
  • Seek help or guidance - resource listings are available on our website
  • Learn more on our website

Contact Club Services at Oregon Youth Soccer. Phone 503 626-4625, 800 275-7353 or log onto and see Risk Management listings under the "Administration" or the "Coaching" buttons.

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