Concussion Information and Management

OYSA Concussion Education and Management Program

OYSA has partnered with Providence Sports Care Center to provide our member clubs with educational guidelines and materials for coaches, parents and players. Providence Sports Care Center has also provided a comprehensive concussion management protocol that OYSA recommends all member clubs adopt. In addition to educational materials the program documentation includes a sideline toolkit for coaches, concussion care information for parents, and return to participation medical release forms. These materials are more completely documented in a Concussion Management Memorandum that has been distributed to OYSA member clubs. Click here to read the full memo.

Links and Documents from Concussion Program Memos

Concussion Program Memo
Concussion Information for Coaches
2013 Oregon Laws Chapter 489
NFHS Online Concussion Education Course
Providence Sports Care Center Concussion Management Protocol
Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents and Players
Receipt Form for Concussion Handout
Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports
Concussion Sideline Quick Reference Guide
Concussion Sideline Documentation
Concussion Care Instructions for Parents
Graded Return to Participation Form
Washington Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Form

Additional Concussion Resources

Concussion Assessment Toolkit (for medical professionals)
2012 Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport
SCAT3 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (for medical professionals)
National Sports Concussion Coalition Press Release
Does Heading Cause Concussion? USYS 2008 Workshop - FIFA Technical Report
USYS 2011 Workshop - Sports Concussions
USYS 2011 Workshop - CDC Heads Up Concussion In Sports Program
CDC website: Concussion in Sports
CDC Concussion in Sports Factsheet
CDC Athletes Guide
CDC Coaches Guide
CDC Parents Guide
CDC Concussion Quiz
HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports online training
CDC Concussion Training Script - en Espanol
CDC Coach Quiz - en Espanol

Risk Management - Background Check Program

OYSA Risk Management Manual

OYSA Risk Management Manual, Part I
The complete text of the OYSA Risk Management Manual with all appendices in a single PDF document
OYSA Risk Management Manual, Part I with links to appendices
The complete text of the OYSA Risk Management Manual without attached appendices. Appendix documents are linked from the text and can be viewed or downloaded as separate documents.
Appeals from risk management suspensions or disqualifications
The text of Risk Management Manual Section 10 containing the details of appeals from risk management decisions

Documents Referenced as Appendices in the Risk Management Manual

Admin Registration FAQ - Appendix A
Disqualifying Crimes for OYSA - Appendix B
Criminal Conviction Matrix - Appendix C
US Youth Soccer Bylaw 252 - Appendix D
Definition of child abuse under Oregon law - Appendix E
US Youth Soccer Protocols for handling concussions and Concussion Notification Form - Appendix F
US Youth Soccer guidelines for handling bloodborne pathogens - Appendix G
Chapter 92 Oregon Laws 2012 - Appendix H

Background Checks FAQ
Common questions and answers about background checks and registering as an adult for OYSA or an OYSA member club.
Club Registration Links
Links to OYSA online registration pages for OYSA member clubs.


KIDSAFE - OYSA Risk Management Program
This program is based on the US Youth Soccer Kidsafe Program

Extreme Weather Safety Guidelines from OYSA.

Flyer - Parents Preventing Child Abuse This alert is to bring attention to this new program which helps teach parents some of the suttle as well as the more common known aspects of sexual abuse of children. How to prevent the opportunities and how to spot indicators of abuse occuring.
Preventing Child Abuse A publication available from nation child abuse resources
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Resource list An extensive list of contacts that offer information on preventing child sexual abuse.
Child Abuse Article An article appearing in the April/May 2005 issue of Goal Lines on Preventing Child Abuse

Como reconocer el maltrato de menores

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