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Thursday, October 22, 2009
US Soccer describes Zone 1 as the 6-12 year olds playing soccer. Zone 2 is 13-18 years old and Zone 3 beyond that. There seems to have been a paradigm shift by the US Soccer Technical Committee to try and figure out how to influence the younger players here in our country.

If the Zone 1 avid player here in the states plays 3-8 hours a week (which includes practice games and free play in the backyard, park or playground), then in Europe they play 8-14 hours a week, where the elite player in the professional academy youth system is playing a supposedly spending 12-20 hours a week with a ball, then of course we are not going to develop as quickly.
Understanding the cultural differences, I am pleased to be on the committee that is discussing how to move the pro and international game forward to eventually win the World Cup. What are your thoughts or ideas for enhancing Zone 1? Does it need to change here in Oregon and if so, what are the fundamental things that you believe would be helpful?
I am looking forward to your comments.

Comments :

  • Taylor | April 18 2010 03:45 PM

    Hi,Mike i think there should be a youth acadamy started here in oregon for the "Zone 1" kids. A program similar to the odp but with more training, and instruction on what kids can do on there own at home. For the "zone 1" age do not have a try out save that for the odp years. Another idea is maybe striking some kind of deal with the Portlan Timerbers to get more kids training more often sooner. i would like to here your thoughts on my ideas.

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  • Scott | November 02 2009 08:12 PM

    Hi,Mike my biggest concern this fall season has been the # of games we have played. 8 games, we still have three games but there has been many gaps between games, hard to gain any momentum. I will talk to my club and parent to see if they want to participate in our club leage as well next season just to get more games. I believe the best way to develop the best players at a point is to alow them to play unrestricted (just play ). Our boys on the u12 Adrinaline want to play every weekend we try to set up scrimmages with older team but that is not always possible.

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