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NCAA Selection Day!

Monday, November 09, 2009
It is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking days in women’s college soccer. It is NCAA Tournament time. Supposedly the top ;) 64 teams are selected to participate in the single elimination tournament to play down to the elusive and exclusive, Final Four!
There have been upsets galore this year and things are definitely a little up in the air… UNC beaten the most times since 2000 and Stanford going unbeaten all fall! Our D1 Oregon teams did reasonably well. Portland State did brilliantly and won their conference but unfortunately fell in their Conference Tournament semi-final. Oregon started incredibly strongly but unfortunately lost momentum in the Pac-10, I believe the toughest Conference in D1 Women’s College Soccer. Oregon State had a great season and are still in with a shout… we are keeping our fingers crossed… Look out for the Tournament Draw and it is really more fun to do a pool than March Madness…
Keep supporting all our college programs and getting out to see great soccer.  Did you know that Concordia have been nationally ranked again?!  Watch this space for more info on our other programs and their Tournaments...

Zone 1

Thursday, October 22, 2009
US Soccer describes Zone 1 as the 6-12 year olds playing soccer. Zone 2 is 13-18 years old and Zone 3 beyond that. There seems to have been a paradigm shift by the US Soccer Technical Committee to try and figure out how to influence the younger players here in our country.

If the Zone 1 avid player here in the states plays 3-8 hours a week (which includes practice games and free play in the backyard, park or playground), then in Europe they play 8-14 hours a week, where the elite player in the professional academy youth system is playing a supposedly spending 12-20 hours a week with a ball, then of course we are not going to develop as quickly.
Understanding the cultural differences, I am pleased to be on the committee that is discussing how to move the pro and international game forward to eventually win the World Cup. What are your thoughts or ideas for enhancing Zone 1? Does it need to change here in Oregon and if so, what are the fundamental things that you believe would be helpful?
I am looking forward to your comments.

Skills School

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
The players that come to a practice or two a week and play a game for a 6-8 week fall season get a little bit better. The players that get a lot better are those that are excited and inspired by their coaches and the game to practice with their ball more at home. This can be kicking a ball around with mom and dad, with siblings or with friends.
Some of us were lucky enough to grow up watching the game and our hero’s on TV and trying to emulate them. Many players here do not although that is changing. That is why as a coach I have always liked to try and inspire my players to do more on their own. In this day and age, many young players have cell phones, iPods and access to the internet. Of course as parent’s we want to monitor their use, but maybe watch a couple of videos with them… Who wouldn’t be inspired by this youtube video of Ronaldo? click here Who is the best player ever in your opinion?
One of my favorites though has been to follow the English TV magazine show, Soccer AM. Each week they went to a different professional club and picked 2 of their academy players to a soccer skills duel. There are 3 rounds and then a winner is declared with the rest of the academy team watching and cheering! Take a look at this one then do a search for others… skill skool
Maybe your players will be inspired to try… what do you have to lose? :)
I look forward to your suggestions, questions and comments! Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other good links to share?
Happy Coaching!

Coaches' Blog

Friday, September 11, 2009
Welcome Coaches,
Here at OYSA we’re committed to providing excellent quality coaching clinics, age appropriate resources and advice that are truly relevant and helpful to Oregon’s soccer coaches.
Through this blog, l plan to provide food for thought, as well as listen to what you have to say about your coaching issues.  Coaches will join in the debate, and we’ll come up with solutions. Your feedback and contributions will be important and valuable for coaches all over the state as we learn and grow together.
This is a blog for everyone involved in youth soccer coaching and all the issues you face. I will be contributing something new at least once a week, and I’d like to extend an open invitation for you to join in with your comments. I will also have guest bloggers too from the world of coaching, including college, regional and national team players and coaches.
Whether it’s individual or team skills, coach or club development, refereeing, player behavior and discipline, TOPSoccer, the role of parents, team management and selection, talent spotting or fitness, this soccer blog aims to cover it all.
For those of you that don’t know me I am a coach and a proud parent.  I was awarded my National Youth License in 1997, my ‘A’ License in 1998 and invited to the national teaching staff in 1999. I have since been involved coaching state, regional and national youth teams as well as two prominent D1 college programs. I am thrilled to be back at OYSA as Director of Coaching and want to help coaches all over this wonderful state.
I look forward to your suggestions, questions and comments!
Best wishes,

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