OYSA League & Tournament Rules

Portland Timbers & Thorns League Rules
Portland Timbers and Thorns U9-U10 Developmental League Rules
Portland Timbers/OYSA Recreational Cup Rules

Oregon State Championships Rules
Oregon Presidents Cup Rules
Procedures for Kicks From the Penalty Mark (from FIFA Laws of the Game 13-14)

Player Suspensions / Referee Assault Policy

OYSA Disciplinary Suspensions - See the applicable league or tournament rules
OYSA Referee Assault Policy

OYSA Referee Pay Information

2012 Referee Pay Schedule

Referee Contract Work Paperwork

Contract Referee Memo - Informational
W-9 - Complete, Sign and Return

Contract Referee Agreement

Submit completed forms via fax 503-520-0302 or e-mail

Quick Links / Resources

FIFA Laws of the Game
US Soccer Federation (USSF)
US Youth Soccer
Region IV
Oregon Referee Committee
Oregon Soccer Central
OYSA Referee Uniform Expectations


OYSA Games

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OYSA Staff / Referee Help

OYSA Office phone 503-626-4625  /  1-800-275-7353
OYSA weekend phone

Jim Lakehomer
State Youth Referee Administrator

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