Oregon Youth Soccer Association Partners with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America

Someone once said: “Sharing knowledge can seem like a burden to some but on the contrary, it is a reflection of teamwork and leadership.”

The NSCAA, a leader in soccer coaching education, is teaming up with another leading state association to share coaching knowledge, as the Oregon Youth Soccer Association is now an Official Education Partner.

As such, the state’s coaches will have access to NSCAA courses, including Levels 1 through 6,Goalkeeper 1 through 3, Special Topics and High School diplomas. The OYSA will also periodically share via NSCAA.com and other communication channels educational material specific to youth soccer in the region, such as the activity linked below.

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“Our mission is to foster an environment promoting every aspect of the state’s youth through soccer and one aspect is through coaching education,” said Chuck Keers, OYSA Executive Director. “Teaming up with the NSCAA will provide our coaches access to great knowledge, which will make them better coaches and hopefully make for a better experience for players.”

Ian Barker, NSCAA Director of Coaching Education, added: “The alliance between us and the OYSA provides Oregon’s youth coaching a broader and consistent complement of educational options. Maintaining the quality of this educational material and delivering it efficiently will be the priority of the two Associations so that coaches receive the greatest value of their time and commitment.”

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