2013 Spring League Information

New in 2013

New in 2013, the Portland Metro League is offering a spring league for teams in Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington. The PML has provided a dual state league in the fall in 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2012 Oregon and Washington ran separate spring leagues for teams in their respective state's portion of the PML area. This will be the first year that a spring league is available that will be operated by both State Associations.

Dates, Age Groups, Fees, Location
The 2013 Spring PML will start play on Saturday, February 2, 2013 and conclude play on Sat, May 4, 2013. Not all age groups and teams will play during that entire time. Teams that will be participating in the Washington Challenge Cup or Washington Championship Cup will complete play by March 16th. Teams that will be participating in the Oregon State Cup or the Oregon Presidents Cup will complete play by April 14th.

Age groups for spring 2013 are U10-U14 boys and girls, plus HS age boys and girls. In Spring 2012 OYSA had a boys high school bracket and Washington had a girls high school bracket. By combining forces, both boys and girls high school teams will be able to find a place to play, regardless of the state in which they are registered.

Teams in the 2013 Spring PML will have three options for the number of games to play:  

    1) 6 games - $400. Washington teams that will play in either the Challenge Cup or Championship cup should select this option. Other teams that want a short spring season may also select this option. Play will be 2/2/13 - 3/16/13.
    2)  8 games - $600 ($550 early registration). Oregon teams that want to play in the Oregon State Cup or Oregon Presidents Cup should select this option. Play will be 2/2/13 - 4/14/13.
    3)  10 games - $725. Washington girls HS teams should select this option. Other teams that are not playing in a State tournament in either Oregon or Washington and want a longer season may also select this option. Play will be 2/16/13 - 5/4/13.

All games, including U10 and U11, will have three officials. The registration deadline for the 2013 PML Spring League will be January 8, 2013.

The boundary for the Portland Metro League stretches from Longview, Washington in the North to Salem in the South, and from Hood River in the East to the coast in the West. The one exception is for High School teams, where the boundary to the south is extended to Eugene. Teams from outside this geographic area are allowed to enter this league, but will not receive any home games played outside this area. In those cases, we can schedule teams to play three games in one weekend if that is th
eir preference, limiting the amount of travel.


Oregon teams can either be entered by their club registrar (strongly recommended) or may be entered directly by a rostered coach or team manager through the Tournament tab for the team.

Washington teams will need to enter through the league's website at http://oysa-2013pml.sportsaffinity.com. Click the Apply to Tournament tab to enter your team.
Without question, the most important, and most difficulttask when putting leagues together is placing teams in the best possible competitive bracket. Ideally there will be enough teams in each age/gender group to create brackets that can either play a single or double round robin with teams of equivalent ability. Since there is no qualifying tournament to place teams in brackets, the key is collecting as much information as possible from each team prior to bracketing the league. We will use the Fall 2012 league standings where appropriate. We expect to send out a questionnaire when registration has closed requesting details about each team, including tournament results, league play results, etc. This information will be a key part of the information we use in placing teams in brackets at each age group.
Special Scheduling Requests
One of the great advantages in playing in the Portland Metro League is our ability to accommodate a wide range of special scheduling requests. Here are some of the things we will try to accommodate, subject to field availability and conflicts in requests:
    - For coaches with two teams, we typically try to schedule their home games back to back on the same dates, then put the away games on different dates, although that does not always work with the field availability we are given.
    - We will try to accommodate requests for all Saturday or all Sunday games.
    - Teams with lighted fields that would like to host midweek games may be given that opportunity against teams that are close, subject to agreement of the opposing team.

One thing to be aware of, we sometimes have requests from two teams in the same bracket that are in conflict, one team requests Saturday games, one Sunday games, for example. Obviously, we can’t fix everything.
Scheduling games is absolutely dependent on the fields/times we are given. In some cases, we are unable to accommodate special requests due to field limitations. It is critically important that you let your club staff know about your special requests so they can help accommodate them with the field information they provide to us. The PML will be scheduled on a home-away basis (i.e., each team gets half home games and half away games), if possible. We may be able to accommodate a team that is unable to arrange a home field. Those teams should expect there will be an additional fee to offset the cost of arranging fields. In scheduling games, we attempt to schedule home games on turf fields early in the season, and home games on grass fields later in the season. 
Schedules for the PML Spring League will be in Affinity. We will look to have completed schedules by January 18th to allow time for the referee assignors to arrange referees. Once schedules have been published, schedule changes should generally be limited to necessity (school conflicts, weather problems, fields removed from service, etc.) or with the agreement of the opposing team and payment of a rescheduling fee.
Playing Up
There are situations where it makes sense for a particular team to play up one year in age group for competitive reasons. This is particularly true at the older ages, where teams have a verifiable history. In some cases, teams should contact us about the option of playing up. In other cases, we will contact particular teams about this subject. Our goal is to have the brackets be as competitive as possible.

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