OYSA Club Fundraiser Opportunity

Clubs (players) sell cards that have an access code to a website that has content designed for young soccer players. It has soccer videos, photos, TV type programs, games, music, contests, discount coupons, etc. Today the lead video is a video featuring Abby Wambach. Clubhouse members are entered into sweepstakes drawings for things like Justin Bieber concert tickets.
It is clearly designed as a promotional vehicle for US Youth Soccer – something to give young players a connection with the National Organization while raising money for clubs, states and the US Youth Soccer. I’ve looked at the website and frankly, if you are a kid, it looks pretty fun.  
As a fundraiser, it also looks pretty simple – and relatively profitable.  Each card with an access code sells for $15, with a 50% return to the club - (about 17% goes to the National Office, 17% to OYSA and 17% to the media company managing the content).
If your club is interested in participating in this opportunity, just contact Jennifer Rodriguez at the US Youth Soccer offices: Jrodriguez@usyouthsoccer.org or 1-800-476-2237.
If you want more information, US Youth Soccer will be hosting webinars in March. Go to http://www.usyouthsoccer.org/clubhouse/ for the dates and times and connection information.

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