New Far West Regional League Approved


US Youth Soccer Association
Region IV
Press Release - May 6, 2013
Region IV Approves New Far West Regional League
US Youth Region IV responded to requests from numerous elite teams and clubs by transforming its Far West Regional League into three divisions (leagues) and providing more opportunities to reach the Far West Regional Championships. Under the new format, the three divisions will be the California League, the Four Corners League and the Northern League.
The California League will receive two qualifying positions in the FWR Championships and the Four Corners League and Northern League will each receive one position. The leagues will develop their own plans for meeting the needs of teams and clubs in their areas under the supervision of the FWR League.
“In the face of growing competition from all directions, it is clear the US Youth National Championship Series, of which the Far West Regional Championships is part, is still the most sought-after competition for determining national champions. The changes approved by Region IV will allow our state associations to serve the needs of our region’s elite teams and clubs by providing the highest level competition leading to a true national championship.” According to Ken Edmunds, Region IV Director.
Work will begin immediately in each of the leagues to prepare for implementation of competition in the Fall of 2013 and qualifying for the 2014 FWR Championships. Clubs and teams interested in how this change will affect them should direct their inquiries to their respective state association or to US Youth Soccer Region IV at .

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